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Trade Gold Using MT4

With over 15 years experience in providing online trading for a variety of instruments and markets, London Capital Group provides one of the foremost platforms for trading spot gold, based on the immensely popular MT4 Metatrader platform – all of which you can try for free by simply clicking on the link to download a copy of metatrader 4 now.

Offering low margins, highly competitive fixed spreads and no dealer intervention, and backed by an experienced commodity team with over 30 years experience in the commodities markets, LCG offers one of the best MT4 gold trading platforms in the world.

In addition and perhaps even more importantly for you as a gold trader trader, the MT4 platform is now available from London Capital Group with an ECN bridge (which simply means there is no dealing desk intervention), allowing traders to access interbank fx, spot gold and silver prices, other commodities, indices and many others, thereby ensuring price integrity, transparency and consistent liquidity. In addition to offering Metatrader’s advanced charting all MT4 expert advisors can also be used.

Equally important, the markets offered by LCG are based on the real underlying futures contracts, for markets such as gold, oil, silver, coffee, cocoa and sugar. This is the nearest you can get to trading a TRUE futures contract using an MT4 platform – in other words the best of all worlds. The contracts are quoted almost 24 hours a day in line with the Globex market hours for electronic futures contracts. The full list of futures contracts available is as shown below :

  • Brent Crude Oil Futures
  • WTI Crude Oil Futures
  • Gasoil Futures
  • Natural Gas Futures
  • Heating Oil Futures
  • Gasoline RBOB Futures
  • Gold Spot
  • Silver Futures
  • High Grade Copper
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar


Cash Contracts

Cash contracts provide a cost-effective solution for short to medium term trading. They do not have an expiry date and an overnight financing rate is applied for every night that you hold a position open. This is due to you only having a small percentage of the full value of the trade as margin on deposit, therefore your account incurs a debit or credit for each day that the position is held overnight. Similar to a mortgage on a property, you can put down a deposit and the remaining balance you can pay for with an interest only loan from the bank. In the event of a corporate action or dividend being applied to the underlying market, a cash adjustment may be made to the account to reflect this redistribution of cash. A haircut may be applied to the value of this cash adjustment.

Future Contracts

Futures contracts will expire at a future date. The price is derived from the relevant underlying product or a related future and will factor in the cost of carry to the expiry date. No overnight finance charges will therefore be applied to positions held overnight. Relevant interest rate levels and time to expiry are the key determinants of the cost-of-carry that will be factored into the future contract price. In the case of equity related futures, we may apply a cash adjustment in the event of corporate actions or dividend payments during the life of the contract to reflect this redistribution of cash if it has not been discounted in the future contract’s price. A haircut may be applied to this adjustment dependant on several factors for example applicable tax rates, clearing cost to process dividend payments etc. The future contract can be closed at any time before it expires, just as you can with a Cash contract.

LCG also offers the facility to rollover futures contracts. If you chose to roll any quarterly or monthly contracts, you will need to contact us shortly before our expiry date to leave a rollover instruction. For indices, commodities and Forex contracts, LCG will close the trade at our midpoint and offer the subsequent quarter at the corresponding level. Please note that on rollover of futures contracts, the existing trade is closed, realising any profits or losses incurred and a new position is subsequently opened.

The MT4 gold trading account is part of the forex platform, and offered with a margin requirement which starts at 1% or leverage of 100 to 1. Below are some of the uniques of the MT4 platform from LCG:

  • No dealing desk execution
  • Transparent competitive two way pricing
  • Low Deal Size: Trade from as little as 0.1
  • Variable spreads, 5 decimal place pricing
  • Competitive Leverage – up to 1:300
  • Flexible lot sizes
  • Earn interest on cash balances
  • Trade gold, silver, oil, CFDs & global indices
  • Manage your risk with trailing stop losses
  • 24hr personalised customer service

If you would like to lean more, why not join me in one of my MT4  FREE live trading rooms – I look forward to seeing you there – Anna

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