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Gold Spot Price – Gold Spot Chart 15th May 2009

The following commentary combines two days of gold trading technical analysis owing to problems with the internet.  Wednesday saw gold prices rise to a six week high of $930.60 per ounce on the back of safe haven buying as equity markets retraced, but in afternoon...

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Spot Gold – Daily Gold Prices 30th April 2009

Spot gold moved higher yesterday on the back of a weaker US dollar and a continued strengthening in crude oil prices, gaining $3.71 to settle at $894.31/oz, but failing to capitalise on the flight to quality, as equity markets strengthened, capping any gains in later...

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Spot Gold Price – Gold Chart 29th April 2009

Reasons for yesterday’s sell off in spot gold prices range from worries about swine flu, technical selling as stops were triggered once the price fell below the $900 per ounce price point, struggling sales in India – gold buying for this year’s Akshaya Tritiya festival...

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