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Spot Gold Prices – Daily Gold Chart 5th June 2009

The spot gold price resumed its upwards trend, recouping much of the previous day’s losses as investors re-entered the market on speculation that gold is moving back towards the $1000 level and that the commodity market offers a degree of certainty currently absent from other...

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Spot Gold Prices – Daily Gold Chart 1st June 2009

Generalised and increasing US dollar weakness continues to drive the spot gold price ever higher as it touched $980.17 per ounce last Friday.  Whilst this inverse correlation always boosts the price of gold other factors such as inflation fears and worries about the US’s fiscal...

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Gold Spot Price – Gold Spot Chart 15th May 2009

The following commentary combines two days of gold trading technical analysis owing to problems with the internet.  Wednesday saw gold prices rise to a six week high of $930.60 per ounce on the back of safe haven buying as equity markets retraced, but in afternoon...

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