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Gold Update

All my gold analysis is now on my personal blog :  post of 3rd May pre-empted huge fall in spot gold prices.  Next stop for gold price could be as low as $1400 to $1412 per ounce which is where 100 day moving average.  On the weekly chart the spot gold price has not broken the 40 week average since early 2009 and this is sitting at $1366 – so anything is possible in the next few weeks.

3rd May Gold Analysis

Warren Buffett Shuns Gold as An Investment – the old rascal could just be right!



  1. I have 1 question.
    Once FED announce its decision to issue QE3 injection of fund (rumours saying) 12 Trillion USD. What will be the impact on the Gold pricing? If base on the SPLY trending, the gold price only downward 50 points (i.e. 1540 to 1500 if use the current base on the current pricing) lasted only 2-3 weeks down turned. Base on the current China reserved turmoil USD vs GOLD holding Ratio,
    China will buy all the gold option offer during the downturn as China need to increase its Gold holding ratio to USD reserved which currently lower (1.6 % over its USD reserved despite CHINA had been buying gold agressively since 2008. China only managed to achieved 1.6% GOLD ratio to USD reserve.)

    Would the above opinion is correct to display the rational of GOLD price up turned after FED issued QE2 or QE3.
    . If the above opinion is not accurate then what is the actual impact on gold pricing , to find the reasons price of gold to go downturn after FED issue QE3 amount to 12 Trillion (end of June 2011.) How low the price of gold will go down after QE3. What actual transaction impact on the market…. that lead to gold reduced it price… who is selling it and reasonning.

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